About Us

Our Commitment

Our Commitment to You

  • Client comes first – All of the time
  • Understand your business and personal goals
  • Business profitability is king
  • Solutions driven service provision
  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Prompt service delivery
  • Access to our partners and business network

Core Values:

  • Confidentiality and Integrity
  • Ethical practices that add value
  • Trust, Respect and Professionalism
  • Creativity, Innovation and Flexibility
  • Client interests are paramount

Our Philosophy

The AthoGroup Philosophy

Our philosophy in conducting consulting services follows the key tenets of:

CONFIDENTIALITY – Any disclosures made during the consultancy will be held confidential. That is, all verbal and written information provided between the parties will forever remain confidential and for the sole use by the family group.

IMPARTIALITY – Our consulting service process is based on the impartial and objective assessment of the material and circumstances we are presented with based on our professional judgment.

NEUTRALITY – The client is assured that our activities are not oriented toward any appraisal of individual or group performance in the conduct of their duties NOR is it driven by parties external to those directly involved.

By adhering to these values we believe we can achieve high levels of cooperation and trust from our client so as to deliver the most value to their businesses and building assets.

The Business

AthoGroup is a fully Australian owned and operated Australian business established in June 2015 to service the operational business continuity requirements of the commercial, industrial, accommodation, retail, education and agri-business sectors in Queensland and throughout Australia. Since September 2016 the business has evolved its service offering to encompass:

  • Operational compliance and risk management (Work, Health, Safety & Environment and Fire & Emergency Evacuation Management)
  • Property and Facilities Management Consulting (operations and contractors)
  • Holistic workplace engagement, training and development

The business leverages over 25 years of senior management experience in property and facilities management, project management, disaster and critical incident management and workplace health and safety. AthoGroup adopts a collaborative and commercially astute approach in the development and implementation of solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of the client, the building and the business operations.


Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC)  Contractor and Nominee Supervisor Licenses to carry out Fire and Emergency Evacuation Management compliance activities of;

  • Inspections and Audits
  • Building diagrams
  • Plans and Manuals
  • Training of individuals and groups
  • Building compliance with Regulations, Codes and Standards

Fire Safety Adviser license (QBCC and Qld Fire & Emergency Services)
Real Estate Sales person license (Office of Fair Trading)
Construction Industry white card (Workplace Health & Safety Qld)
National Heavy Vehicle license (Qld Government)


Other Qualifications

Bachelor of Education
Property and Facilities Management
Project Management
Work Health and Safety
Workplace Training and Assessment
Working with Children Blue Card

Compliance instruments for example but not limited to

Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990
Building Act 1975
Work Health and Safety Act 2011
Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008
Australian Standard 3745:2010
Australian Standard 4801:2001 & 1851:2012 (as relevant to your business operations)

The Team

Julie Russell is the founder and managing Principal of AthoGroup, providing operational risk management and business continuity services to the commercial, industrial, accommodation, education and retail sectors. Julie holds the relevant QBCC licenses, Construction Industry White Card and Working with children Blue Card

Her career in management spans 21 years where she held State Property and Facilities Management responsibility for a portfolio of 170 commercial, retail and accommodation buildings for eight (8) years. Prior to this, she was the Queensland Community Services and Emergency Response Lead Coordinator. Julie is a qualified and licensed Property and Facilities Manager with associated qualifications in Real Estate, Work Health and Safety, Fire and Emergency Management and Workplace Training and Assessment.

As an accomplished, commercially focused, manager and project leader Julie has a large network of trusted professionals that she engages to add value to the client’s operational and asset management objectives. These include;

Building Certifiers and Inspectors Engineers, Architects and Designers
Building and Construction Companies Utilities installation and maintenance people (Fire, AirCon, lift, roller door etc)
Equipment and Signage Suppliers Facilities and Property Management trades and maintenance services, both Adhoc and preventative
Governance Professionals Financial Service Professionals
Fire Panel Service Installation and Maintenance Extinguisher, Hose Reels and Fire Blanket Maintenance
Emergency Lighting Service and Maintenance Passive Fire Inspection, Service and Maintenance

Julie is a third generation family business member and a proud Family Business Australia member with a passion for commercial and social solutions.

Qualifications & Background

Julie Russell


  • Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)
  • Diploma of Community Services
  • Diploma of Project Management
  • Diploma of Property and Facilities Management
  • Fire Safety Advisor (QFES)
  • Certificate IV Occupational Health and Safety
  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment (TAE)
  • Commissioner of Declarations (Qld)

Professional Memberships

  • Australian Institute of Management Member
  • Family Business Australia

Career Summary

  • AthoGroup, Principal
  • Arjay Evacuation and Emergency, Principal
  • TCB Solutions Senior Consultant
  • Australian Red Cross Property Manager Queensland
  • Australian Red Cross (Queensland) Operations Manager and State Workplace
  • Health and Safety Coordinator
  • Australian Red Cross (Queensland) Family Support Services Manager (State)

Consulting Projects

  • Isaac Regional Council – Work Health and Safety risk assessment, systems design, development and implementation.
  • Ultratune Milton Pty Ltd – Fire and Emergency Evacuation policy, procedures and manuals. Training of staff.
  • Blueline Fabrications Pty Ltd – Workplace Health and Safety system and training. Fire and Emergency Evacuation Management Plan and training.
  • Graceville Pty Ltd – Workplace Health and Safety system and training. Fire and Emergency Evacuation Management Plan and training.

Senior Management Achievements

Australian Red Cross

  • Manage and maintain Red Cross capital assets, including property, plant and equipment.
    • Property portfolio of 130 properties
    • Plant and equipment value of $15m
  • Negotiation, management, technical advisory and administration of the property portfolio, including leasing terms and conditions, tenancy agreements, program contracts and fit for purpose.
  • Management building compliance to all Codes and Regulations e.g.
    • Building Codes
    • Fire and Emergency Regulations
    • Work Health and Safety Regulations
    • Manage risk associated with the property portfolio

Australian Red Cross (Queensland)

  • Develop and manage frameworks and systems for the monitoring and management of Red Cross facilities including;
    • Leases, tenancy agreements and insurances
    • Design, implement and manage risk assessments related to property, motor vehicle fleet and communications resources
      • 130 properties
      • 210 vehicles
  • Develop systems that manage risk and compliance with Red Cross OHS program.
    • Paid staff, volunteers and contractors
    • Normal business operations
    • During emergencies i.e. floods and cyclones
  • Develop and manage operational policies and systems to achieve efficiency within Corporate Services and across all departments within Red Cross Queensland
    • Procurement management
    • Resource management and allocation
Julie Russell, Principal, Atho Group